Data protection

Data protection

In the following, you can be informed about the specific aspects of our privacy policy:

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Responsible under GDPR

On all predictor games, the prediction game organizer is responsible for data protection. ("Administrator" in what follows). Kicktipp processes all prediction game data only on behalf of the administrator.

Please inform yourself on the privacy rules of each prediction game.

On all informative pages on Kicktipp (as is this page) and on all predictor games run by Kicktipp, the Kicktipp GmbH ("Kicktipp" in the following) is responsible under GDPR.

Processing under Art. 28 GDPR

As admin you certainly want to follow current privacy regulations. Part of these are most of the time a processing contract under article 28 GPDR, except if you organise your predictor game under art. 2 par. 2c GDPR only in a private or family context.

In order to organize a privacy compliant prediction game, you can, as admin, sign an electronic contract with Kicktipp under Art. 28 GDPR.

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Kicktipp is only operated in datacenters of Hetzner Online GmbH. At the Falkenstein site, Kicktipp rents several dedicated servers. These servers in Germany are only for use by Kicktipp and are connected in a private LAN. Hetzner Online is an experienced datacenter operator

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