IP address

IP address
  • What is an IP address?

    An IP address is a unique address of your device, thereby making it addressable and thus enables communication on the Internet.

  • A save of your IP address ist being made in log files. Additionally, the IP address used to log in, is being saved in our database.

  • IP addresses are person related data, as they enable to establish a connection to a person when correlated with provider input data. Kicktipp is not able to make this connection.

  • We use your IP address to communicate via the network with your device and to avoid mass registrations by bots or others.

    As long as we display adverts in our free prediction games, the IP address is being shared with our advertisers as they have to show ad banners to your device.

  • When IP addresses are being saved in log files, these will completely be deleted after 6 weeks at most.

    The IP address in our database, the one you used to log in, will be deleted as soon as you delete your account or registration.

    After this, the IP address is present in a backup for at most 6 weeks. Eventually, it will completely be deleted.