Data protection password

Data protection password
  • Password

    You choose a password when you sign up at kicktipp

  • Your password is used only for the following reasons:

    • Login: During login you authorize with your email address and password. We compare it with the password stored by us. If they match, you are authorized in Kicktipp.

    • Forgot Password: With the "Forgot Password" function you can demand a new password. A message will be sent to your registered e-mail address.

  • We store your password encrypted only until deletion in our database. Additionally your encrypted password is saved in a security backup.

    Regarding the risk of data theft by attacking our systems, please read our article about technical security.

  • Your password will be saved encrypted only.

  • Safety Instructions for choosing a password:

    • Choose a password which is not used anywhere else.
    • Choose a password you can remember easily but is hard to guess by others
    • Use only encrypted transmission in your browser.
  • The data will be deleted in our database as soon as you cancel your membership. At this point your encrypted password is still stored in security backups. 2 weeks after cancellation of your membership the data will be finally deleted.

  • It is not possible to use Kicktipp without a password.