• What are Cookies?

    A Cookie is a small text file send by our server to your browser and stored on your local disk. On subsequent request the content of this file is sent back to our server. With this mechanism it is possible to identify an already authorized user.

  • Kicktipp uses the following cookies:


      This cookie contains a unique identifier that is generated for each new session, which enables us to recognise your browser on each subsequent page visit. The cookie is deleted when the browser session expires.

    • timezone

      Through this cookie, we store in which time zone the end device (browser) is located. This enables us to convert all times on the server to the correct local time. The cookie is deleted when the browser session expires

    • login

      When you register with us, you remain permanently logged in with the same device until you log out again. This means that you do not need to log in again the next time you visit Kicktipp. This permanent login takes place via this cookie. The cookie will remain for a maximum of 1 year.

    • short name

      This is a purely technical cookie for load balancing. This allows caches to be used more efficiently. The cookie is automatically deleted by the browser after 7 days.

  • darkmodeAutoStatus

    This is a purely technical cookie for the correct setting of the dark design.

  • The permanent storage of cookies takes place solely in your browser (i.e. on your hard drive). This data is only transmitted to us when you access the page. The cookies are not permanently stored by us and are only present in the volatile main memory (RAM) during the processing of your visit and are either deleted immediately or at the latest after 30 minutes.

  • Session cookies are deleted from your browser as soon as you close the browser.

    All other cookies are stored in your browser. You can delete the cookies yourself at any time through your browser.