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Kicktipp GmbH
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Management: Janning Vygen
Place of Residence: Düsseldorf
Commercial Register Düsseldorf: HRB 55639
VAT ID: DE814790997
IBAN: DE35 3005 XXXX XXXX 6346 95
D-U-N-S: 55-134-3036

Kicktipp is a registered word mark of Kicktipp GmbH.


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In order to guarantee our Privacy Policy both from a technical and legal point of view, we have voluntarily appointed an external data protection officer, who checks our privacy policy in theory and practice annually:

Mr Axel Dreyer, LL.M
Uerdinger Straße 62
40474 Düsseldorf

Processing under Art. 28 GDPR

As admin you certainly want to follow current privacy regulations. Part of these are most of the time a processing contract under article 28 GPDR, except if you organise your predictor game under art. 2 par. 2c GDPR only in a private or family context.

In order to organize a privacy compliant prediction game, you can, as admin, sign an electronic contract with Kicktipp under Art. 28 GDPR.

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Kicktipp - prediction games and competitions online
Kicktipp - prediction games and competitions online


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