Data protection e-mail address

Data protection e-mail address
  • An e-Mail address relates to an individual person. It is personally identifiable information.

  • We use your e-mail address only for the following reasons:

    • Log in: We use your e-mail address as your unique id to log in. The e-mail address fits this purpose because every internet user has its own e-mail address.

    • Prediction reminder: If you have activated the „Prediction reminder“ in your profile, we will send you an e-mail message when time runs out to do your prediction. You can deactivate the prediction reminder at any time to stop sending these messages.

    • Password forgotten: The functionality "Forgot your password?" sends you an e-mail message if you forgot your password.

    • Messages: The administrator or other players in your prediction game can send messages in the forum. If you enable the corresponding option at "My profile/Notifications", you will receive an e-mail for each new message. These messages will be send unencrypted.

    • Important messages about your prediction game or Kicktipp: As an administrator you get additional e-mail messages which are important for running your prediction game. For example we inform all administrators to restart their tipping game before the new season starts. Other messages like forwarding service requests from members are also possible.

    All messages have only one purpose: your prediction game.

  • The following people have access to your e-mail address:

    • Administrator: The administrator of your prediction game has access to your e-mail address. The membership administration offers the possibility to see individual e-mail address of each member.

    • Kicktipp employees: Employees of kicktipp has access to your e-mail address to answer questions or to administer the system. The access is only allowed for helping users to get their problems fixed. Please read: Why you can trust us.

  • The list of possible uses above is final. Only for the avoidance of doubt:

    • The e-mail address will not be shared or sold to third parties

    • It will not send any advertising to your e-mail address

  • While registrating your e-mail address, the tranmission is encrypted.

  • We store your e-mail address until deletion in our database. Additionally your e-mail address is saved in a security backup.

    Regarding the risk of data theft by attacking our systems, please read our article about technical security.

  • The data will be deleted in our database as soon as you cancel your membership. At this point your e-mail address is still stored in security backups. 2 weeks after cancellation of your membership the data will be finally deleted.

  • Sorry, but it is not possible to use kicktipp without an e-mail address. There is no better unique identifier at the moment to log you in on our site.