Mix several leagues in one prediction game

Mix several leagues in one prediction game

On Kicktipp, you can put together matches from différent leagues or competitions into a single prediction game. The menu Prediction Calendar enables you to do it. You can for instance mix the Premier League and Top matches from the Champions League into one prediction game.

A league, e.g. the Premier League, or a tournament should always stay the base. It is the one you choose when creating a new prediction community or restarting an existing one.

Using the button "Add matches" in the "Prediction Calendar", you can add additional matches. First you choose the competition then you have three options:

Add entire season

All matchdays for this competition are being listed and can be added with one click.

A team's matches

If you only wish to add the matches of one team, you first select the team which lists its matches. Finally, you can add all matches to the prediction group.

Nevertheless, all fixtures have to be already defined. At season start, you may have to wait until the official schedule is published. For national cups, you must wait until the next round's draw.

Choose individually

This lists the competitions matches grouped by matchday. For each matchday, you can hence pick the matches to be predicted. This enables you to customize your prediction calendar on an individual level. For instance add the most interesting matches from other leagues.


For all new matches, you have to choose which matchday they should be assigned to. There is two options:

Option 1 - Create new match days

New match days are being created in the prediction calendar for the new matches. This option is preferable when entire match days are being imported from another competition.

Option 2 - Assign to existing matchday

The closest matchday is pre-checked with regard to the schedule. No new matchday is being added for the new matchs, they will be assigned to the selected existing one.

This option is preferable when individual matches are being added from another competition.

One more thing: You can also create personalized prediction games where the base competition is an personally created "National League South" instead of the Premier League.

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