After penalty shootout or after 90 minutes?

After penalty shootout or after 90 minutes?

For tournaments like the World Cup or the Euros it is always about whether to predict after 90 minutes (or 120 min) or after the penalty shootout.

We normally predict the result including the penalty shootout but the admin can of course edit this if needed.

In general, it's: After the penalty shootout

ALL goals, including those being scored during extra time or a possible penalty shootout, count in general. But please check the rules of the game in your prediction community as well as the hints in the Prediction Centre.

The prediction game's admin could have set-up alternative rules.

How can I switch to predict only after 90 minutes?

Log in as the administrator and go to the menu "Predict after 90 minutes". There you can select which result should be counted for the predictions.

Which is best? After 90 minutes or after penalty shootout?

It is very subjective and depends how you want to make your predictions. This is why every prediction group can set it up as they want.

We believe it is best to predict the resutl after the penalty shootout:

One predicts the matches outcome and not an intermediary result. The basis for the points distribution is always to get the tendency right, so here the right winner. This wouldn't be true for 90 Minutes predictions.

The argument predicting a 8:7 after the penalties is impossible is not true: During the Euro 2004 for instance, 0.15% of predictions were correct for the match Portugal - England (8:7 aPSO) (which by the way is not even a standard penalty shootout result!). The group stage match Sweden - Bulgaria (5:0) was only predicted accurately by 0.015% of predictor players during the same tournament.

It has hence been 10x easier to forecast Portugal-England's result compared to Sweden-Bulgaria! And nobody asks for to count a 3:0 only for this match because more goals really couldn't be forecasted.

If someone predicts a 2:1 win for Portugal vs England and the decisive 2:1 goal is being scored in the 104th minute, this player wouldn't get any points even if he had the correct result, the right goal difference and the winner. But unfortunately not after 90 minutes. Should he get 0 points just because we stop counting after 90 minutes?

Predicting after 90 minutes might lead back to betting providers who naturally have an interest in having a third option to a win and a defeat so that the betters chances decrease.

But this can also be brought up as an argument for prediction games. If there is three possible outcomes, it could add some suspense to the prediction challenge, especially for the KO bracket during the World Cup or the Euro.

But as said: everyone has got their own opinion and on Kicktipp every administrator can decide for himself on how to configure his prediction game.

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