Professional account


  • Minimum duration only 1 month

    The minimum paid membership duration is only 1 month. The first invoicing will happen with the order of a contigent. The prediction game can be set up for free with the test package.

  • Cancel at anytime

    You can easily cancel your membership online and at any time. Please note though that paid invoices cannot be refunded.

  • Contingent changeable anytime

    Complete flexibility. Each time you reach 90% or 100% usage on your contingent, you will receive an automated email with the option to upgrade to the next contingent within just a few clicks. And as soon as you no longer need the larger contingent, you can easily downgrade back to a lower level.

  • Invoice with pre-tax deduction

    Our invoices are also eligible for pre-tax deduction.

  • Invoice archive

    Looking for an old invoice? As administrator, you have access to the entire archive of invoices for your tipping community.

  • Payment via wire transfer or direct debit

    You can choose to pay your invoice via wire transfer or sign the SEPA Direct Debit Mandate and we will debit your account automatically for you. For direct debit payments, we provide you with an invoice before we debit your account so that you are always informed and up-to-date with account activity.

  • Contract for order processing according to Article 28 GDPR included

    With us, you are prepared for questions from your data protection officer. Our contract for (on behalf) processing will protect you without any additional costs for you.

  • Legal notice hidden

    If you want to host your prediction community on your own domain, it may be that you are required to use a legal notice. This can be easily integrated. Simply create a new page for "Legal notice" under administration, add the legal notice text, and you are ready to go.

  • New start: one package for every season

    When you use the "new start" function, your tipping community can automatically be extended for new seasons, each time a current season ends. This enables you to continue using your same package without missing out on any action. Even huge tournaments like the World Cup and European Championship are included.