Professional account

Prices and conditions

Prices and conditions

On this site you will find all details concerning prices and conditions of the Kicktipp Professional Account so there will be no unanswered questions.


The monthly price for your professional account depends on the contingent selected. The packages all have the same functions and differ from one another only in the maximum number of players.

Maximum number of playersPrice per month
Trial account0.00 €
Contingent 1009.90 €
Contingent 30019.90 €
Contingent 100059.90 €
Contingent 3000149.90 €
Contingent 5000239.90 €
Contingent 10000399.90 €
Contingent 20000699.90 €
Contingent 30000999.90 €
More 10000400.00 €

All prices already include the legal VAT

Altering of Contingent

Upgrading your contingent can easily be done any time online and becomes active immediately. For every upgrade, an additional invoice is generated with added costs for the current billing cycle.

In case you want to downgrade your contingent, this can also be done immediately however no refund can be made for costs already incurred in the current billing cycle.


The minimum paid membership period is 1 month. The period will be extended automatically if you do not actively cancel it.

Invoice delivery

Invoices are sent out via e-mail. Our invoices are eligible for pre-tax deduction.


Invoices can be paid via wire transfer or automatic draft.


You can easily cancel your membership online. We have no notice period for cancellations, so they can be done at any time. Please note though, that already incurred costs and payments cannot be refunded.