Sarlinger Bayern-BazisGame Rules

Game Rules


Other players' predictions are only visible after the prediction deadline has run out.

Prediction mode

Predicting the exact result.

Strategy prohibition result

A maximum of 2/3 of predictions on a matchday may be the same result. There is no difference between home and away, so "2-1" is considered the same as "1-2". This rule is only enabled when 9 or more games are played on a matchday. (Strategy prohibition enabled)

Tied on points

If nothing else has been agreed to, the rankings of several players who are tied in total points are decided by counting the number of wins on matchdays ("Wins").

On these matchdays, a matchday winner will not be calculated:

  • Bonus

Prediction Rule: 10 minutes in advance

The prediction period ends 10 minutes before the corresponding fixture.

Points rule: 3 - 5 points

TendencyGoal DifferenceResult