Rugby 6 NationsGame Rules

Rugby 6 Nations
Game Rules

Visibility of predictions

The predictions are only visible when the prediction deadline has expired.

Prediction mode

Predicting the exact result.

Tied on points

If nothing else has been agreed to, the rankings of several players who are tied in total points are decided by counting the number of wins on matchdays ("Wins").

Team Rankings

  • Minimum team size: 2 Members
  • Maximum team size: 100 Members
  • Maximum number of points for joining a team: 20 Points


  • Maximum points for joining: 20 Points

Prediction Rule: 0 minutes in advance

The prediction period ends 0 minutes before the corresponding fixture.

Points rule: 4 - 14 points

Minimum number of points3
Maximum number of points10
TendencyGoal DifferenceResult

The points depend on the quota, which results from the predictions within the community. The right goal difference, or the right result, can be rewarded additionally.