Duration for World Cup or European Championship

Duration for World Cup or European Championship

Many companies only want to start a prediction game for the World Cup or European Championship. This is no problem with us. Please note the following tips:

1. The duration of the prediction game should usually be 2 or 3 months. In addition to the pure running time of the tournament, which is usually one month, there is also a lead time and follow-up time. After all, the players should be able to register a few weeks in advance and still see the results after the final.

2. Set up your prediction game in advance with the help of a test package. Usethe correct data already so that you can easily upgrade the test package to a contingent of your choice later.

3. The term of one month always applies from the date of the order. For example, if you order the contingent on 25 October, you can use the package with a two-month term until 24 December.

4. Feel free to book your cancellation directly after ordering. Our packages are always subscriptions that run until you cancel. Because we can't know how long you want the data to be available.

And another tip: If you enjoyed your prediction game, you can switch it to the Champions League or another league with just a few clicks after the World Cup or European Championship. More information on how to restart.

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