Rugby predictor games

Rugby predictor games

At Kicktipp it is also possible to create a Rugby prediction game. Whether for the World Cup, the 6 Nations tournament or the French Top 14, fans can create a prediction community with friends at any time.

Here are a few tips on setting up a rugby prediction game.

Start prediction game and choose rugby competition

Open a new prediction game and select a rugby competition, such as the "Rugby World Cup", under "League/Competition". The prediction community is already set up with all the default settings and ready for predicting.

Please also read our guidance article on Tips to create a prediction community

Which is the best mode for predictions?

There are two main ways to predict rugby tournaments or leagues:

1. You predict in tendency mode, i.e. you predict the outcome of the match, no matter if home win, draw or defeat.

In order to predict the tendency, one has to activate the "tendency mode" in the admin area under "Game rules". The points rules can then be created as desired and assigned to the games.

More info on points rules in our guidance Valuable tips to set the points rules.

2. You predict the exact result of the match and create a points rule of type "goal difference". This points rule has the advantage that you can predict the exact result, which is usually more fun. But since, unlike in football, you rarely guess the exact result, a points rule of type "goal difference" makes more sense.

Example: The All Blacks win against Ireland 37:28 and you have bet 40:25. The difference in points, measured by the difference in scored points, is therefore 6 points. These 6 points are then deducted from the set maximum achievable score.

In order to assign this rule to the games, a new points rule of type "Goal difference" must be created in the admin area at "Points rules". The value "Points" indicates the maximum number of points you can get. For rugby, we recommend a value of 70, as very few games in rugby history have been whistled with more than 70 points between them. The default value for the points deduction can be left at "1". We recommend selecting the option "deduction per goal difference" and entering 5 points for the "minimum points". This way, even a prediction with the right tendency but a completely wrong point difference will be rewarded.

Our tip: If a prediction community has rather inexperienced players, predicting should be as simple as possible and the tendency is best suited. If the members are a little more experienced and also more informed, then the "goal difference" rule can be applied to bring more fun and excitement into the community..

Predicting after 80 minutes or after extra time?

An important question, which we at Kicktipp answer with "After extra time" to reward players with the correct tendency after the end of the match. More information in our guidance After penalty shootout or after 90 minutes?. The logic applies to both football and rugby matches. To change this setting, go to the admin area and then "Predict full-time results".

Bonus questions?

A few bonus questions can be offered as standard. Otherwise, you can also create your own questions to keep the prediction game exciting until the end. Please read our guidance article to create own questions.

How can I predict another rugby competition?

In addition to the leagues and tournaments offered by Kicktipp, you can, of course, create your own league using the "League administration" in the admin area. There are a few points to bear in mind:

Tip 1: To know how to create your own league and take the first steps, please read our guidance Own leagues and tournaments.

Tip 2: In the third step, you have to create a season. There you have the choice between different table types or point variants. Here you choose either "Rugby Union World Cup" or "Rugby Union Top 14", depending on which bonus point rule is applied for the try or losing bonus points.

The "Rugby Union World Cup" rule is the most common bonus rule. You get 4 points for a win and only 1 point for a draw. A losing bonus point (B/D) is awarded for losing by less than 7 points. A try bonus point (B/O) is awarded if the winner scores 4 or more tries.

The "Rugby Union Top 14" rule is used in the French leagues, but also in other leagues. A losing bonus point is awarded if you lose by less than 5 points. A try bonus point is awarded if the winner has scored at least 3 more tries than his opponent.

For example, if you want to create the "European Rugby Champions Cup", select the "World Cup" variant. If you want to create the "Super league", select the "Top 14" variant.

Tip 3: Under "Periods" create two entries for the regular "80 minutes" and the "extra time".

Tip 4: Match finished? Enter the results as soon as they are available at "Results" in the "League administration" so that the points can be calculated in the leaderboard.

And now enjoy the predictor game!

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