Bonus questions

Bonus questions

Bonus questions can be that extra something. You can gain some valuable ground towards the end of the game, if at the beginning you predicted the right World Champion or league champion.

Here some advices concerning bonus questions:

Matchday Bonus

If the questions are assigned to the Bonus matchday, all points won thanks to these questions will be shown in a separate column (B).

In the prediction centre, questions can always be found in the Bonus tab and on top of that with the timely corresponding matchdays.

Extend prediction making

If you want to change the moment for making predictions, you can do so in the administrator area at "Prediction rules" and create a new "fixed" rule.

When creating a new rule you can choose to assign it to all questions or individually right afterwards.

Points awarding

How many points you will be awarded for a right prediction is set at Points rules. At Create a new points rule, you can create a rule with the correct points value.

Own bonus questions

Additionnaly to the bonus questions provided by Kicktipp, you can also create your own ones for each prediction game. Please read our guidance article Create own questions in the prediction game.

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