Team ranking in prediction games

Team ranking in prediction games

If you want to play with friends and colleagues instead of always against them, you can create teams and a Team Ranking. Each registered member can join a team. All settings, registrations, logoffs and info on the teams can be found under "My profile" -> My Team". You can change between individual and team ranking in the leaderboard or ranking views.

Create a team • Administrator

Each player who is not yet a member of a team can create a new team. As team founder, he automatically assumes the role of team leader and can decide who joins the team.

Managing Team Members

The precondition for joining or creating a team is to be a member of the prediction community.

Generally, the team creation should be finished by the beginning of the prediction game. This is why one cannot join a team after one has exceeded the number of points defined by the game administrator.

There are two ways of joining a team:

Invitations: The administrator can invite players to join his team. As long as one has entered a valid e-mail address, one is notified of the invitation via e-mail. The invitations are displayed at "My Team" under "My Profile". If an invitation is accepted, the player is immediately a member of the team.

Applications: Under "My Team" players can apply to a team. Here the team leader will be notified of the application, and can then decide, under "My Team", whether to accept the player or not.

Team Ranking

In order to be able to compare teams with a different amount of members, the team ranking is based on a points average. Thus the sum of all players points is divided by the number of players.

Making predictions

The predictions from a players individual ranking are automatically taken as predictions for the team ranking. Each team member is thus automatically represented in the individual ranking.

If players are accepted in a team during an ongoing prediction game, the matches already played are counted as not predicted. If a player joins a team during a prediction game, its average will hence drop.

Team Size

The administrator of the prediction community determines how many members a team must have at the least and how many it can have at most. While creating a new team, there can of course be teams that have not yet reached the minimum number. These teams will only participate in the team ranking when they have reached the minimum number of players.

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