CL TippspielQuota Points Rule

CL Tippspiel
Quota Points Rule
Minimum number of points3
Maximum number of points7

Point allocation with the quota rule depends of the prediction behaviour within the community.

The quota rule is displayed in the form: "Home-Draw-Away". The values display how many points are received for a correct tip. A quota of "4-5-10" would mean that 4 points are awarded for the correct prediction of a home win, 5 points for a draw and 10 for an away win.

Calculating the quota

The quota reading above is determined by the distribution of predictions as well as the maximum number of points awarded by the quota (max. points)

For the prediction distribution, only the made predictions are of any importance. If a player has placed no tip, this will not affect the quota. All placed tips are now summarized per game, according to the tendency. For the following exemplary calculation, there would have been

  • 6 home-win predictions
  • 3 draw predictions
  • 1 away-win prediction

, and thus 10 predictions in total.

As the maximum number of points in the example is specified as {1}, the best-case result is {0} points for one's prediction (not including any possible bonus points for goal difference and/or result, see further below).

The actual number of points is calculated as follows:

Minimum Score (MIN) = is set by the administrator

Maximum Score (MAX)= is set by the administrator

Number of predictions with a Certain Tendency
Probability (P) = ——————————————————————————————————————— Number of all predictions

Point Value = ———————— - ————— + MIN
10 * P 10

If the point value is outside of the interval between minimum and
maximum score, the point value will be adjusted accordingly.

Change Quota

As the quota is calculated via the predictions, it is subject to change during the prediction placement period. In the beginning, when no tips at all have been placed, one would get the maximum number of points for each prediction. This changes with the very first prediction that is placed. Thus after placing your tip according to the current quota, you should go back later and check how the quota has developed.

Bonus Points for Goal Difference and Result

In addition to the points awarded via the quota regulation, one can choose to award a prediction with a correct goal difference or result with bonus points. The set values for this are simply added to the "quota points". In the example, one might thus receive one bonus point for correctly guessing the goal difference in addition to the tendency, and two bonus points for getting the exact result.